Thursday, June 28, 2018

Home Dream Home

I constructed Home Dream Home for display at Sculpture Fest, an annual public art exhibit in Woodstock, Vermont. This year's show includes thirty-five regional artist and over forty sculptures. It is a very beautiful setting and a must see if one is in the area. Amazingly and very generously, the organizers (and owners of the property -- Charlet and Peter Davenport), make the site free and open to the public from sunrise to sunset.
Home Dream Home
exterior latex, plywood, wood, metal
86" x 54" x 98"
I was honored to be invited to create a piece and even more so when I was named, along with my friend Mary Admasian, to be a featured artist. The exhibit opens with a reception Saturday, June 30, 2018 from 4:00 to 7:00, and continues until November 18.
Home Dream Home (second view)
My sculpture was inspired by my desire to see homes painted in interesting and fun ways with the hope that the work would encourage others to go beyond boring traditional painting schemes. I am also fascinated/obsessed with the idea of installing a multi-colored standing seam roof so I painted this one with that in mind. 
Home Dream Home (third view)
I used thirty-six different colors, most of which I mixed on my own. I consider it a trial run for my own building. I've already painted it with eighty-eight vertical stripes, all different colors, but it is on vinyl siding and I eventually need to remove it and fix the underlying clapboard.
188 Elm Street
The vinyl siding is well beyond its useful life so one of the advantages of the paint job is that it distracts from how bad it looks. Ideally, one day I can paint it somewhat like Home Dream Home.
188 Elm Street (second view)
I titled the piece Home Dream Home because a house is just a building but a home, to me, invokes a feeling of love and play. I want the piece to be interactive. I hope that people go inside and have their pictures taken with it while looking out the windows and doors.
Home Dream Home (fourth view)
I also included washable colored chalk inside so that people can add their own inspirations. I feel that the sculpture isn't complete without the interaction of others, that the art isn't art until people go inside and interact with it. In that way, it is a living structure that is constantly changing, as a home should.
Home Dream Home (inside)