Friday, May 29, 2009

Flag #1

Here is another draft of my first flag. You can see the earlier draft here. It isn't quite done yet but I had Rick Mastelli photograph it since it is close and he was here photographing everything else. I'd rather not sell it at this point. I would prefer to save it for a show of flags. I think it will make more sense in context with other versions. This one is too close to the official flag design and too reminiscent of Jasper Johns' work. I would rather it were seen as one of a number of proposals for replacing the US flag with something that is designed and crafted better than what we currently have. Imagine the employment possibilities for woodworkers if we replaced the cloth flag with a well-crafted, well-designed wooden version. I also like the reference of "proposals" to Claus Oldenburg. He had a series of proposals for replacing various monuments and buildings with things like sissors and clothspins - very funny.

I really like the bold cherry grain in this one. The curly maple figure is also very good but can't be seen well at this scale. Also not seen well are the bird's-eyes that are designed to be implied stars, many more than fifty of them, which I think is a good thing.

24" x 41" x 1"

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  1. i agree, you need to keep it with the others for the context. glad for a sneak peak!