Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Work - Final Images

I've finally finished a chunk of the new series that I have been working on since late last year and, in preparation of the Paradise City show this weekend, I had professional pictures taken by Rick Mastelli, a local photographer who has done a lot of work for Fine Woodworking and Woodwork magazines; and most recently worked on the new book by Silas Kopf - the famous marquetry furniture maker - A Marquetry Odyssey. It was definitely a good move to get these taken, they are an enormous improvement over what I was able to do. I'll put larger images on my website but to make them available as soon as possible, here they are, along with the dimensions and titles:
Three Days In September
36" x 13" x 1"

16" x 13" x 1"

May Rain
29" x 12" x 1"

26" x 11" x 1"

Green Grass - Summer Day
26" x 11" x 1"

11 Rectangles with Blue
30.5" x 10" x 1"

45 Rectangles
50" x 11" x 1"

Horst and Graben
10.5" x 28" x 1"

Phobos and Deimos
25" x 12" x 1"

To see earlier versions of many of these pieces, look here.

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