Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 2014, March 2015, and April 2015

I'm a bit behind on posting about my work so here is an update with the five pieces I completed in March and April and another that I finished last year but just got around to photographing. Starting with the most recent, April 2015c, a two-sided hanging sculpture with multi-colored pulsating stripes that wrap all the way around each of the four boards. Because it is 80" high it is at the outside limits of what I can photograph on my own. I'll need to get professional images taken at some point but I think these are good enough to give people an idea of what it looks like. Technically, I feel it should hang about five inches off the floor but I didn't have the space to do that.
 April 2015c (side 1)
acrylic, shellac, epoxy, and oil pastel on wood with metal suspension
80" x 23" x 1"
(26.75" wide including metal suspension)
April 2015c (side 1 closeup)

April 2015c (side 2)
It is hung on a 1/2" stainless steel rod the runs through each board. I've used plumbing hardware that I picked up at my local hardware store but will work with a fabricator to create something a little more professional before I display it publicly.
 April 2015c (side 2 closeup)
April 2015a and April 2015b are both made with laminated plywood that I sealed and "smoothed" with epoxy and gesso before painting. Because they aren't completely smooth, the process of rubbing them with shellac fills the imperfections with color. April 2015a is nineteen-sided and April 2015b is fourteen-sided. Neither had a preferred orientation so they can be displayed numerous ways.
 April 2015a
acrylic and shellac on laminated plywood
7" x 29" x 11.5"
 April 2015a (second orientation)
 April 2015a (third orientation)
 April 2015a (fourth orientation)
 April 2015b
acrylic and shellac on laminated plywood
6.5" x 29" x 7.5"
April 2015b (second orientation)
March 2015a and March 2015b are both two-sided pieces with pedestal stands. Additionally, they combine abstract expressionist and geometric abstraction styles.
March 2015a (side 1)
wood, acrylic, oil pastel, shellac, epoxy, stainless steel
70.25" x 15.5" x 1.25"
March 2015a (side 2)
March 2015a (side 1 closeup)
March 2015b has a skewed square theme rather than the circles used on March 2015a.
March 2015b (side 1)
wood, acrylic, oil pastel, shellac, epoxy, stainless steel
67" x 16" x 1.25"
March 2015b (side 2)
 March 2015b (side 1 closeup)
March 2015b (side 2 closeup)
May 2014c is a precursor to the Fun With Scraps series that I completed a few of months ago. I'd really like to make a human-scale version of something like this in the future
May 2014c
acrylic on wood
22.75" x 15" x 6.75"
May 2014c (second view)