Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flag Updates

In May, as I posted previously, I was at the Vermont Studio Center and worked on my flag series. I wasn't happy with this one, the nine sided flag. I've had doubts about the center section but finally, this week, I've been able to work on it again and make the changes I wanted. I'm much happier now.
In the new version I have nine bars (random length, random width, random placement) to fill the center. They are made with quarter sawn bird's-eye maple. I've never seen any one use it before but I think it looks fantastic. It cuts across the depth of the bird's-eyes and creates an effect much like a curl but with an intensity that is very different. And the flecking in the maple really makes it sparkle. Really very cool (you'll have to take my word for it). I'm going to shellac paint each bar a random variation of blue.
Last month I also finished preparing my double star flag. It was quite an effort, and very stressful, fitting all the rays around the circles and overlapping each other but it turned out pretty damn well, much to my surprise.
Now I can finally finish painting all three of the new ones. Hopefully, they will be ready sometime in September and I can get to work on some more.

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