Saturday, August 25, 2012

Be Very Selective

I just installed my outdoor juried show submission for this year's Burlington Art Hop on Friday. It is the most conceptual piece I've ever made but I tried my best to make it aesthetic as well. 
Be Very Selective Before Entering; Choose Wisely Before 
Looking Out; Make An Even More Careful 
Consideration Before Exiting 
wood and paint
84" x 48" x 41"
©Robert Hitzig
 Be Very Selective . . . (second side)
 Be Very Selective . . . (third side)
My hope is that people will interact with it. I'd like to see both children and adults climbing in, looking out, and being involved with it somehow. I'll consider the piece a success if it happens. I didn't realize how playful primary colors are until I finished it, so I am real happy with the paints (though, if I weren't using paints I had handy, I probably would use a brighter yellow). When I was inside, I also felt it had both playful and meditative/contemplative presence but I'm anxious to see if that actually comes through for other viewers as well.

Addendum: September 12, 2012

Success! To my surprise, I found that children seemed to love the sculpture. Whenever I went by it over the weekend, during the Art Hop, I found children attracted to it and climbing all around it. In addition, I had numerous conversations with people who said they saw children in and around it. Glad to see some people still know how to have fun.
Be Very Selective ... (in use)
September 8, 2012


  1. Very interesting piece, Rob. When I saw it, I immediately saw it as a playground apparatus. The photos don't really show the scale - I have a hard time seeing it as being 7 feet tall.


  2. Thanks Chris. I hadn't envisioned it as playgroundesque but I'm happy that is the direction it took. Perhaps the scale problem is caused by the angled view. Each side is four feet but at an angle they look much shorter.