Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sushi At Three

Here is my first piece of 2012:
 Sushi At Three
shellac on curly maple
24" x 33" x 1.5"
January 2012
©Robert Hitzig
It really needs to be looked at from the side in order to get the effect I was experimenting with. I consider it a progression from my wedge series but in this case I'm cutting the wedge as a resaw rather than a ripsaw. 
Sushi At Three (side view)
Since this was the first piece using this style of wedge, I was a little nervous about how it would turn out, however, in the end, I was pleased with the effect. I'd like to see a large piece in this style, with many more sections, but I'll wait to get some reactions before committing to another. I especially like the overall outline it creates with the wall. It reminds me of Frank Stella's irregular polygon series, but I find this work much more interesting.

Update January 14, 2011: Based on a comment, I thought it would be useful to include images of this piece with a white background. Let me know what you think and if I should continue this style or the ones above. I know my photography still isn't the best. I think I need to get more lights to improve the accuracy.
 Sushi At Three (white background - front view)
Sushi At Three (white background - side view)


  1. Hey Rob - This is interesting, but I'm still having a hard time seeing the work on the black background. I think it'd be helped out by being on white... I think the shadows cast by the piece may give it some more depth. Would also like to see it with some context... maybe with a floor showing. Tough to get a sense of scale as is.

    But... I love the idea of the piece revealing something new (the variations in depth of the wood) when you step to the side.

  2. Thanks for reiterating your suggestion, JT. I'll see what I can do to rephotograph it. Unfortunately, I don't have a white wall and I don't think fabric behind it would work. I guess I'll just have to settle for a colored wall for now.

  3. White fabric could work if it's pulled tight. I've used white paper before. Tack up the fabric/paper on the wall and then mount the piece through it. I just had to hammer nails through the paper, not sure how yours is hung. Just food for thought! :)