Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Neither Either

I recently finished a new piece in my wedge series. I started it in March, after I got back from the Baltimore American Craft Council show, having heard such a positive response to the earlier wedge piece I took down there, Green Chimneys. With this one, I decided the next step would be to make double-sided wedges. Looking at the earlier one now, I feel this is definitely an improvement. I'll be back there again this year so, hopefully, this one will sell just as fast.
 Neither Either Nor Or
shellac on curly maple
44" x 17" x 3.5"
December 2011
©Robert Hitzig
Though I worked on the piece for nine months, at least six months of that period was spent thinking. Originally, the two sides were further apart and the middle section was made with walnut (the support spacers on the sides are still walnut). After putting it together the first time I realized both needed to change but I wasn't sure about how. I also contemplated not using tinted shellac, or maybe leaving sections untinted but as I started, I didn't like those options either. I have to admit, it was a little intimidating to contemplate painting each of the 35 sides, especially with so many small ones (which are more difficult than larger areas). I'm sure that is another reason the roughed-out piece sat on my wall for six months.
 Neither Either Nor Or (left side)
I'm not sure if the title is confusing or not but I like the rhythm of it and it refers to choosing "neither" from an either/or situation.
Neither Either Nor Or (right side)

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