Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Wedges

I've started a new pair of book-matched wedges. This time I wanted to go for something that was 4" thick and had thought about stacking four 1" boards with veneer in between but then thought that I'd better off doing something simpler first. Having a 2" board from my last trip to the lumber mill, I figured two 2" boards would be a good intermediate step. I'm glad I held back because this one difficult enough. It seemed like an endless process of cut, glue, cut, glue, cut . . .

For this set, instead of using veneer between the layers, I used a 1/4" piece of cherry. I should have done the math though, because, as I found out after cutting it, at the angle of the wedge, 1/4" becomes a 3" band, which I really didn't like.

I also didn't like the proportions of the piece so I felt it would be better to cut the cherry band down and reorganized the wedges. Although, one thing nice about the two large wedges is that they could be made into free-standing sculpture. It almost inspires me to make something along the lines of what Anne Truitt has done. Some other time though. Below is what I've come up with this time.
28" x 32" x 4
2nd Wedge Set Draft

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