Monday, September 28, 2009

Recognition . . . Again

While at the Vermont Fine Furniture show this past weekend, another vendor came up to me and pointed out that I was in New England Home magazine. I had talked to Louis Postel, an editor of the magazine and the writer of their Trade Secrets section a couple of months ago but wasn't sure when it was coming out or if I'd be in it. In fact, I had almost forgot about it until this person showed me my picture, so it was a pleasant surprise. Not sure how much it helps but it is a good addition to the resume and it can't hurt. It was also a big surprise that he contacted me; I asked him how he heard about my work and he said he had been flipping through the Providence/Milwaukee/Baltimore Fine Furnishing Show's website and noticed my work. So I guess you can add it to the list of beneficial outcomes from the show even though I didn't sell anything.

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