Monday, July 13, 2009

Floating Triptych Draft

It took me a couple of days of thinking about it but I decided to join this triptych together with strips of walnut. When I found a scrap of really nice curly walnut laying around the shop it took me quite a while to decide whether to use it, how to use it, and whether it was enough to secure it. I like the idea of using walnut because the dark color will almost disappear with the shadows when it is off-set from the wall, and with only three strips in each section, it will give a sense of the pieces floating. I wanted to give some significant space (4 inches) between each board because I want to emphasize the live edge. I think this will work well but still not sure of the orientation. I'm planning on painting this one along the blue continuum, shades of blue in the middle, blue-green on one end and blue-purple on the other.
still untitled draft
36" x 39" x 1"


  1. nice! i like it as is already...would almost want to see less 'perfect' edges but i know your plans will change things. i do like this!
    great to see you and visit some at the opening sat.