Monday, July 6, 2009

All SculptCycles Installed

I finally finished and installed my SculptCycles last Friday (7/3 - three days late). The four dogs were placed in front of The Drawing Board and the unicorn was moved from that location to the Montpelier tourist center along with a new unicorn. I'm happy with how they turned out but I think they improved as I made more. The dogs definitely benefited from being in a pack. One or two would have been too small to be noticed.
Two Unicorns

View of all four dogs

Big Dog
I like the ears on this one, they flop up and down. I wasn't sure if the feet would work and was worried they I would have to take them off but liked them when I was done.

I like the feet on this one the best, I also like the pedal reflector ears. I received the bike painted as it is and was surprised when someone mentioned that it looks like a dalmation. Having to agree with them, I think it makes for a good title.

Alien Dog
This was the first of the dog series for this year. I think it definitely has an alien character, especially with the antenna ears.
Small Robot Dog
I like the angular head, the ears spin and the head wobbles. It has a lot of character.

These sculptcycles can be purchased through the Montpelier Downtown Community Association along with all the other sculptcycles. Learn more at the SculptCycle website. They, and all the other sculptcycles are all reasonably priced. The dogs are only $150 apiece and the unicorns are $225 each. Hope they sell but if not I have some cool sculptcycles to go with my collection.

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