Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Work

I'm busy rushing to get some of the pieces I've been working on ready for the Baltimore Fine Furnishing Show that I'm going to May 2 and 3. Getting these pieces from almost finished to finished is extremely frustrating. The worst part about it is that when I start the polishing process I always find mistakes that weren't noticeable before and have to be fixed before finishing the polish. With these epoxy pieces I've found many small gaps/holes that were invisible before but as soon as a polish is applied they become glaring craters. In many cases, while filling these craters, I've had to rub the color out, resulting in having to go back and repaint once the holes are filled.

It is nice though, when I get close to finished and I can see what I have been striving for. The depth of the figure with a french polish finish on top is just ethereal, and when I begin to see it, I have to stop and just stare.

I have gotten close enough on a number of new pieces that I have added the hanging mortises. Here are the ones that are closest, along with tentative titles.

Horst and Graben 10.5" x 28" x 1"

May Rain
29" x 12" x 1"

26" x 11" x 1"

Green Grass - Summer Day 26" x 11" x 1"

I included an image of the one above a few weeks ago (image below) and didn't like it much. I took out the blue sections and added blue to the yellow sections. I like it much better now.

Likewise, I made a number of changes to the one below but still don't like it. I think I'll just take all the color out and start over, but not until I get back from Baltimore.
15" x 11" x 1"

It is better than it was (below) but could be better. The problem is I just don't like any of the colors. Some ugly colors would probably be good but all ugly colors is just ugly.


  1. i'm sure your work will stand out in the show, hope it goes well, look forward to hearing about sales and contacts!

  2. My advice is to lose the purple, a color that is almost impossible to make work with other colors.

    Yes, Rob, good success (and some fun too, please!) at the show!