Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Work - Faults and Circles

While waiting for my Industrial Alcohol Use Permit to come through, I started a few new pieces. The first one is inspired by geological faults, where the fault has occurred because the earth has pulled apart and the middle section has slipped down, like the Rift Valley situation or the Basin and Range out west. The problem with this series though, is that you loose a lot of wood cleaning it up, an inch on top and bottom.

These two below are part of a circle series that I've thought about for a while. I first thought of it before the stripped work but I'm glad I waited because I think combining it with the strips works much better than without. I'm going to leave these pieces as they are but next time I'll bisect and off-set the circles (combining the fault series with the circles).


  1. the circles are wonderfully surprising...its constillation-like and scientific and very cool.

  2. Thanks Paula. I think it has a lot of possibilities. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

  3. Welcome to the Obsessive Circlers Club, Rob. But take warning: once you step onboard this train, the next station might be mighty far down the line... (there's a great party in the club car, however!)