Friday, February 6, 2009

Three Ready To Finish?

After a several iterations (4?) of painting, rubbing, painting, and rubbing, I think the three pieces below are ready to start "finishing" - which entails evening out the surface and polishing with shellac. In comparison to the earlier versions, you can see that the 2 red/blue pieces are less intense. In addition to taking down the colors I added a little yellow which toned them down a little and created a more "natural" color. Are they better than earlier versions? I think they are better than the previous images but not sure if simpler isn't better, perhaps leaving some rectangles clear might be better. I'll have to experiment more with the other ones and compare.

One of the struggles with these pieces is getting the shellac colors to work with the epoxy, with the piece on the left, all of the epoxy is in the red/blue continuum so I tried to do the same on the surface. The one on the right has a range of colors but no green. I like the pastel-ish colors that came out. I've also included the image below because it shows the figure in the maple. I'm not sure why I couldn't get both back lighting and figure in one image, I tried several times.

The next step is working on the light boxes because I just checked my denatured alcohol inventory and was surprised to find I was down to my last few milliliters. Hopefully my "Industrial Alcohol Users Permit" will come through quickly.


  1. good job rob. these have a very Japanese feel, very meditative.

  2. Thanks Paula, I do think they are Japanese-esque but would be more so if I left some of the rectangles clear, but then they may end up being too Mondrian-esque and then I'll probably get annoyed after the 50th person told me how much they remind them of Mondrian. All the more reason to hurry up and get to the next series.