Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Day - Woodwork (magazine) Is Back!

It was a sad day in November when I received my issue Woodwork came with a notice that their publisher had dropped them and they didn't have plans for a future. It was a sadder day in January when I checked into their status and all indication seemed to be that they were gone for good.

Thus, today is a very happy day having just checked my mail and finding a new issue in the box! On first glance, there appear to be some changes but it looks like it is still the same great format they have always had.

What makes them great? Here is my list:

- They cover wood art, not just furniture and furnishings!
- It is written for professionals
and they don't talk down to their readers.
- They have great profiles of great woodworkers/artists.
- It isn't Americo-centric, international coverage too.
- Great pictures.

The first time I saw it I dismissed it as a Fine Woodworking knock-off, but I ran across it again about three years ago and took a closer look. I found that it provides much more about what I am interested in than FW. So, go to www.americanwoodworker.co/woodwork (the magazine says this is their site but it doesn't work yet) and get a subscription if you don't already have one.


  1. I received mine yesterday and was really surprised to see it. I had the same reaction as you back in November and now. It is a happy day. I also like the fact that this magazine explores art and international woodworkers.
    However, I was really disapointed to see an article about building a table in a day, using dowels. That article doesn't belong in this magazine. I think they did it on porpose, just to see the readers reaction. If people don't complain about it, they will start writing more articles like that and the magazine as we know it will die. So, I wrote to the editor and told him how much I disliked that article and reminded him of the true content of Woodwork Magazine. If you want the magazine to remain as it once was, I suggest you write to the editor too and speak your mind. Woodwork Magazine is unique and way above any other woodworking magazine out there. It should stay that way.
    Well... the rest of this issue is great. Man, I love this magazine.


  2. I just finished my issue and I'm still very happy with it. I agree that the table article isn't very good but I skipped it just like I do for one article every issue. You are right though, I, and others, should write the editors to let them know our feelings. It would be a real shame if they can't make it and they go away for good. Fine Woodworking is good for basic techniques but Woodwork is the only magazine that covers woodworking art/craft, technique, and the people behind the work. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm trying to find back issues of Woodwork magazine. I have #73, February 2002 but need #72 & #71 as the cabinet spans three issues.

  4. Sorry, I can't help you with those but I'd bet you can still get them from Woodwork.

  5. These issues are not on the website or E-bay. I will try to contact Woodwork. Thanks.