Monday, June 27, 2016

New Box Of Courage Installation

My "Box of Courage" sculpture will be on display in front of ECHO, Leahy Center For Lake Champlain on the Burlington water front until mid-October. This is the third installation of the piece I made in 2013 as part of Helen Day Art Center's Exposed exhibit in Stowe, VT. It was also on view in Burlington last year as part of the Art Hop.
Box of Courage
plywood, wood, paint, screws
86" x 86" x 48"
Box of Courage
As usual, I found that children intuitively knew how to use it and immediately started climbing inside.

I'm very happy ECHO chose the piece for the front of their building because it offers plenty of exposure with around half a million people passing by it through the summer. Additionally, ECHO arranged for an interview with Tom Messner of WPTZ, Channel 5 in Burlington, giving me regional exposure as well.
Live interview with Tom Messner, WPTZ
June 16, 2016
(photo credit: Jessie Forand)
After the interview, where I explained the purpose of the box being an interactive work of art, Tom finished his broadcast from inside the box.
Tom Messner, WPTZ live broadcast, June 16, 2016
photo credit: Jessie Forand
I have to say that the interview was a lot of fun, and, being that it was filmed live and I needed extra courage to feel comfortable doing it, I can now attest to the fact that the box really does work, it certainly gave me more courage.

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