Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First Pieces of 2015

My summer home improvement projects inspired me to create a coffee table that fit with the rest of my home decor, so I got a plywood piece that I made several years ago and added some color. 
Coffee Table
latex paint and stain on board
19.5" x 21" x 44"
I like that I was able to start with a simple box because the painting is really the focus, the structure is merely a three-dimensional canvas.
In painting it, I wanted to create something that is different from the other pieces in the room while still being clearly of the same series. 
The side facing away from the couch is my favorite. I'm also especially fond of that garish green stripe among the nondescript white ones.
I painted this found "coffee-table-ish" table at the same time because it was old and grimy, and I knew it wouldn't take much more time to do as long as I used the same colors. Because of the underlying old paints that I couldn't clean off completed tape wouldn't stick, so I needed to use a different design. I figure you can never go wrong with polka dots and I like that this one has a more playful feel than the other. 
Painted Found Table
latex paint and stain on wood
12.5" x 25.5" x 42"
It always feels good to add something to my home I know I'll never see anywhere else.


  1. What??? These are so awesome!! I love that the striped one is such a work of art!!