Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hurry! Don't Forget!

Yes, it is that time of year again. Woodwork (magazine) is on the newsstands (I picked mine up at Barnes and Noble, not sure what other newsstands carry it but you can buy it on-line as well). It comes out only once a year but it is still the best wood related magazine available. This issue has another great essay by Mark Love, and Toshio Odate continues his multi-year serial saga about "Mighty Oak" (there is at least one more year of the saga to go but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes on for another ten, it has been an epic battle (going back to 1997) and in this issue we learn that Toshio suffered a rotator cuff injury working with it in 2000). I was also interested to learn about Thomas Schrunk's work. Someone had mentioned him to me recently but I wasn't able to find much info on the Internet, so I was really happy to get the scoop about his really great, and innovative, marquetry technique. There are always great images, interesting profiles, and useful information about shows and events. Reading through it, I'm always so impressed with the people the work with wood. They always seem to be a very genuine, down-to-earth, unpretentious, and dedicated bunch (or maybe that is just the ones that get written about, hard to tell, but my experience with the ones I meet seem to confirm this conclusion so I'm sticking with it). 

Anyway, I'd be very upset in this publication stopped, so I'm asking you again, hurry! run! go by a copy now! Thank you! 

Note: I receive no compensation (of any kind) for this endorsement, nor has anyone asked me to do it.

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