Monday, May 9, 2011

Collaborating With Vandals

Sometimes a work of art is so compelling that people can't help themselves from interacting with it. Sometimes people are so inspired that they are driven to the point of leaving their unsolicited ideas behind. The Dog Walker piece that I completed in 2008 as part of Montpelier SculptCycle must be one of those pieces.
Dog Walker
October 2010
Newburyport, MA Bike Path
The city of Newburyport, MA purchased it for display along their new bike path but they kept it in their harbor sculpture park until the path was completed in the summer of 2010. Unfortunately, it only lasted at its new location until November 1, 2010 because some art enthusiasts decided it needed a little more work.
Dog Walker
November 2010
I have been in communication with the city since the event and thought that they would be able to make the repairs, however, the damage to the section where the head of the walker fits was too extensive, so we decided that it would be better if I spliced in some new wood.
I look forward to making some alterations. It was a good piece before but now is an opportunity to give it some character -- war scars that will make it even more interesting.
Dog Walker
May 2011
Back at the studio - Montpelier, VT
In addition, I even get some gas money to make a couple of trips down to Boston. Coincidentally, when I went down to pick it up I met the artist B. Amore who told me she had the same thing happen to one of her pieces (twenty years ago?) in the same town (or vicinity?) on another Halloween night.
By the way, check out those glue lines --
more than three years outside, in New England, and
absolutely no separation. Titebond III is the best!
I just have to say, I feel honored that my work has inspired someone (or two!) to be more involved in the arts than they might otherwise have been. It just goes to show how important the arts are; these people could have been running all over town causing some real trouble.

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  1. What a fantastic piece! I'm so glad you are able to repair it and send it out into the world again.