Friday, April 23, 2010

Flag #3

I just finished the third of the flag series. It is experimental in that I wanted to use it to work out some design issues for the large ArtPrize flag that I plan to make this summer. I want to start moving in the direction of multi-level work with sections that are individually painted then assembled at the end. The technique can also be used to make work multi-directional as well.
Untitled Flag #3
shellac on curly maple, yellow birch, and bird's-eye maple
34" x 53" x 1"


  1. i like it rob. i just got turned onto the artprize site, seems to be causing a buzz on facebook. good luck, see you there ;)

  2. Very nice, Rob. In other ones, you're going to make the individual pieces sit at different levels in the piece (some sticking out farther than others)?

  3. Thanks Janet and Paula. I've been hanging it with the chevron pointing down and have decided that is a better orientation. And yes, I like the idea of making the pieces different levels. I'll upload my proposal for ArtPrize soon so you can see the design.